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New Year Eve in Oman - Arabia Felix





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Arabia Felix

It's been a while since we wish to add the Arabic Peninsula to our tour's catalog.

Looking for the right place we finally choose Oman, a country that has a stable polical situation, a good whaeter for riding in the winter season and a variety of landscape really surprising.

This little Sultanate is located in the south east side of the Arabic Peninsula, facing directly the Indian Ocean. This area was called by the Romans "Arabia Felix" that means Happy Arabia, this area is partially influenced by the Monson Season and it's always been rich of aromatic drugs, like incenso.

From the seventies, under the guide of the Sultane Qaboos the country has developed in an armonic way, without the arctitectonic excess of the bordering countries line the EAU. The economy is not just linked on petrol (that is anyway available) but also on tourism, especially in the last years.

On our bike tour we will cross the Hajar Mountains. This mountain range cross the country from north to south. With its 3,000 meters peaks is a natural barrier that divides the white beaches facing the Indian Ocean and the Wahiba Sands Desert.

We enjoy a variety of landscapes: amazing sandy beaches, impressive canions rich of water (Wadi), sand dunes, savannah and rocky area to reach again the sea.

After one overnight in hotel in the capital Muscat, we will start our expeditions in a nomadic style, sleeping each night in tents in very special places. We will end our adventure on the beach, in the very east point of the arabic peninsula.

Finally, going back to Muscat we will have the chance to enjoy a pleasent night in this quiet and fascinating city.


December 28,  2018
Arrival in Muscat must be whitin 2.00 p.m. on this day. We will organize your hotel/airport transfer. Bike need to be set up. In the late afternoon we will have a briefing to introduce the staff and all the participants. Dinner in the hotel.

December 29,  2018: Wadi Dayqah Dam - Fins
1st Stage - 70 kilometers -Elevation+ 650 meters
We leave Muscat early, to move to the beginning of our first bike stage (approximately 120 km of transfer). Our starting point is placed in the presence of the imposing Wadi Dayqah Dam. From here we start pedaling heading towards the sea, along a dirt road that winds through the mountains. Once we arrive at the coast we continue south until we reach our camp on the beach near Fins.

December 30,  2018: Fins - Beehive Tombs 
2nd Stage - 40 kilometers -Elevation+ 2,200 meters
This stage is as challenging as it is spectacular. We continue a little bit along the coast before start our crossing of the Hajar mountains to reach the plateau overlooking the sea. The initial part of the climb is really tough, a continuous series of hairpin turns allow us literally to climb the mountain, leaving the sea below us. Once we reach the plateau we will cross some solitary villages before reaching our final destination: the camp located near a number of ancient tombs dating back to 2000 BC and declared World Heritage.

December 31,  2018 : Beehive Tombs - Wadi Bani Khalid
3rd Stage - 100 kilometers -Elevation+ 1,050 meters
We continue for about 5 km on the plateau before starting a long downhill that allows us to complete the crossing of the Hajar Mountain Range. Once in the valley, we will leave soon the main road to ride in a spectacular trail that develops between multi colored rock formations. The last part of the day, on asphalt, will take us to get to the special place that we chose to spend the night. 

Do not forget your swimsuit!

January 1, 2019 : Wadi Bani Khalid - Wahiba Sands

Day off from bike. We can spend the morning trekking on the Wadi and it's cave, or just swimming in the amazing natural pools. After lunch we will move with the 4x4 to reach the sand dunes of the Wahiba Desert and enjoy the sunset.

January 2, 2019 : Wadi Bani Khalid  - Camp
4th Stage - 72 kilometers - Elevation+ 500 meters
The day begins with a transfer of about 70 km. We start riding the bike near a village and cross an area of low shrubs coasting the southern end of the Hajar Mountains. The desert will be far away to our right and to our left the mountains. The mountains will leave places to a vast plan where the spaces and distances will expand considerably. The fast track will lead us towards the north to our camp.

January 3, 2019:  Camp - Al Hadd
5th Stage - 68 kilometers - Elevation+ 100 meters
Last stage of our bike tour. We continue all day riding north, through fast tracks where on the bikes we will suffer  the presence of the typical road corrugations caused by 4x4 cars. The points of reference will be made up of rocky masses of different colors that we will  see in the distance. Gradually we will feel the presence of the sea.  Our track ends near a lagoon; from here we miss the last kilometers of coastal road, to reach the end of our adventure.

January 4, 2019
Morning by the sea with possible extra activities. In the early afternoon transfer to Muscat, dinner and night in hotel (or direct transfer to the arport for early departure)

January 5, 2019
Transfer to the airport. End of services


Next Departure

Arrival at Muscat Airport (MCT) within 2.00 p.m. of December 28, 2018

Departure from Muscat Airport (MCT) the morning of January 5, 2019


Custom Tour

Choose your dates, for groups of at least 8 person

Contact us for more informations.


The individual cost of participation is € 2.190

Minimum number: 8 people
Maximum number: 20 people


The price includes


  • 8 overnight (2 in Hotel, 6 in Camp)
  • Vehicles for luggage transportation
  • Logistic team with bike guides and drivers, cookers and helpers
  • Full-board during the bike stages.
  • Arrival Airport Transfer on December 28, 2018
  • Departure Airport Transfer on January 5, 2019

The price does not include


  • Flight ticket and overbaggage
  • Visa on arrival (about €15)
  • Lunch on the arrival day (December 28)
  • Extra services and alcoholic drinks in hotels.
  • Extra services and transportation before December 28 and after January 5.
  • Single room or single tent supplement
  • Everything not present in "The price include"



Information about a stage: We will wake up early and after breakfast and the personal preparation the organization will start the daily stage. The departure is scheduled between approximately 8:00 am and 9.00 am, depending on the mileage on the program. It is recommended to take the ride everyday with calm and try to enjoy the wonderful scenery surrounding us. The excursions are not a competition but will require good preparation. At about 15:00-17:00, depending on the pace,the stage will end: it is time to rest and regenerate. After dinner, the Organization holds a briefing on the next stage. End the day chatting about the day’s ride.

Support :There will be support vehicles that will carry all your luggage and support us for the lunches. It can also carry you and your bike if you feel like taking a break or in case of emergency. The organizers reserve the right to change the route during the tour to safeguard the safety of all participants

Medical Assistance Throughout the trip a first-aid kit will be available in the support wagon. . If the nature of assistance needed is greater than can be treated by first aid, local medical assistance will be sought out. If you have allergies or other medical conditions you must notify us at least one week prior to the start of the tour. Riders who have specific medicinal needs should bring enough medicine for the duration of their time abroad. In the event that a local doctor deems you unfit to ride after an accident or for whatever reason, Projecting Adventure Cyclism reserves the right to not allow you to continue the ride and you will not be compensated for lost riding time or additional travel expenses incurred if you need to leave the tour. Any activities engaged prior to or after the specific dates of the trip are your own responsibility.

Travel Documents Each participant must have a passport and a valid visa for Oman (in the event that passport holders from your country need one). Passports must be valid for six months from the date of departure. Projecting Adventure Cyclism will not be held responsible for invalid passports, visas or other necessary documents as required by the Oman Government. Please contact the Oman Consulate in your country for more details on required documentation. Usually the visa can be done directly at the international airport of Muscat. It costs approximately 20 USD.

Clothing and behavior: Oman is a country tolerant and open to other cultures, you will not need to take special forms of clothing, during tour stages. We will obviously respect the places of worship, and it is always good to ask permission before taking photographs.To visit the Sultan Kaboos Grand Mosque women must wear the veil and long dresses. 

Food:  Anyone who is vegetarian or allergic to any type of food in general, please contact the organization.

Wheather : October to March is usually an excellent time for riding in Oman. However, short rains or even storms are always possible in the mountainous aeras. All riders are expected to take extra care in wet conditions. The average temperature of the period range between 15/17 minimum and 25/27 degrees of maximum, even if, at night, in the mountain could be cooler.

Prophilaxis: No particular vaccination is required, although it is better to be covered with anti-tetanus.

Money: The local currency is the Omani Riyal. 1€ is around 0,46 OMR (March 2018). In any "money exchange" Euro and USD are accepted. In Muscat airport you will find a case for change and in the center of the city with ease, an ATM to withdraw cash.

Electric Plugs: The more used are the G Type, however compatible with our common type C plugs.

Companions: The route is one of the most beautiful and spectacular you can see in Oman. Conscious of this we offer the opportunity to participate not only as a cyclist, but also as an alternative traveler.
People who are accompanying ther riders will be provided easy trekking along the same trail of the cyclists or in the villages they passed through. In this way we are sure to satisfy all those who want to try this adventure cycling, but they have also fill all the expectations of those who are not mountain biker but still want to be part of an expedition like ours.

Mechanical Assistance: Everyone is responsible for their own repair of flat tires, cleaning of the chain or other mechanical problems. So it's essential that everyone brings with him a kit for repairs.
Each participant can bring spare parts from home, that the organization will carry on the vehicle and give to the rider at the end of the stages. In any case the organization will help anytime it will be possible. The organizer will not be held liable for bike damage as a result of improper packing, maintenance or transportation, accidents, or whatever other reason. While local parts are available, they may not match those of your specific bike or equipment. In the event that your bike is unrideable, we will make every reasonable effort to find a suitable replacement bicycle. The rider will take responsibility for incurred rental costs and you will not be compensated for possible lost riding time.

How to pack the bike: Your bike must be packed in special bike bags or carton boxes. Remove the wheels. Deflate the tires (not completely if you have tubeless tire). Disassemble the rear derailleur and wrap it in something soft. Remove the pedals

Which Kind of Mountain Bike: This is of course a very subjective and difficult topic.  First of all, you don’t need the latest mountain bike. Full suspension bikes are really useful, especially in the downhill sections. Front suspension are lighter but require a a higher level of handling and concentration. Suggested tires: 2.0/2.2. The brakes: it’s not important which kind of system you use, they must be fully operational.
If you do not want to carry a backpack, we recommend a little rear carrier. In any case the bike needs to be in perfect condition and recently checked by your mechanic. We are big fan of 29ers.

Important: Due to the presence of acacias we might incur frequent punctures. It is highly recommended the use of tubeless tires with liquid or self-repairing inner tubes.



In order to achieve the greatest effectiveness we believe it convenient to adopt some basic rules.

a. Equipment  needed

We will have a limited space  for the transport of the equipment of the expedition, so each person must carry strictly what you list below:

  • An identifiable travel bag
  • Sleeping bag
  • Clothing cycle (short)
  • Leggins and sleeves
  • Light and heavy gloves
  • Light and wool cap, sunglasses
  • Anti Wind Jacket
  • Socks and shoes suitable for riding
  • Rubber sandals for the shower
  • Underwear and towel
  • A fleece or wool sweater
  • Swimsuit
  • Small bike bag or Backpack
  • Toiletry bag and a roll of paper
  • Moisturizers and sun protection factor 12
  • Headlamp
  • Helmet (*mandatory*)
  • Two water bottle
  • Kit for puncture repair + 2 spare tubes + pump
  • Spare tire and spare brake pad
  • Chain tool and Chain Oil
  • Allen keys/Multitools
  • A small pharmacy set

b. Lunch bag
Before departure of each stages, the organization will deliver to each participant a bag of food supplies that they bring with them in a backpack.

c. Environment
Each participant is responsible for helping protect the local environment. Hold on to any garbage until you meet up with the support vehicle or find a wastebasket / recycling bin. Stay on the main trails as much as possible.

d. Safety
Without trying to limit your riding enjoyment, we ask all participants to ride responsibly in order to reduce the likelihood of injuries to themselves and others. Ride conservatively on technical sections and reduce speed when appropriate. Be aware of pedestrians and other vehicles. Helmets are mandatory at all times. Alert the staff if you notice any problems with your bicycle.

e. Right of the organization
The organization reserves the right to change the route for the safety and security of participants. We also reserve the right to terminate the tour of any participant who refuses to ride responsibly or repeatedly puts other at risk. No compensation will be provided for tours cancelled as a result of non-compliance.

f. Waiver of Liability
All participants will be asked to sign the waiver before the start of the tour. If you have any questions, please contact us in advance.




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